Who We Are

At Travel Brands Group, we rely on a team of talented designers, developers, strategists, and marketers who are all incredibly passionate about travel. It makes work fun and makes delivering results rewarding. Our primary goal for each client is the same, treat you fairly, help your brand gain recognition and to grow your company.

Adam Lee

Founder & Lead Developer

Sarah Kim

Sales Management

James Hill

Graphics & Media Designer

A Word From Our Founder

As a traveler, I’ve gotten to meet many great people and have unforgettable experiences across the globe. The one thing that bothered me as someone who’s spent years in the internet marketing scene is that many of wonderful people had no outlets to reach new customers across the world.

They relied on basically foot traffic to brochure to sale. When I’d mention things like branding, PPC, websites, it was like I was speaking an alien language so I wanted to build simple platforms where great travel companies from anywhere in the world can extend their reach. That’s why I’ve build Travel Brands Group.

We're Good

Fun fact: Over 90% of customers search Google before making travel decisions and take 7 connections (on average) with your brand before purchasing. Are your customers finding you or are you just hoping they do?

We’re a branding, digital marketing and advertising agency based in Chicago, Illinois and we’re really good at what we do. Let’s build something amazing together.